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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Embed like button on threaded comment

Sometimes you need to know visitor comment good or not so you need other visitor opinion about that comment .Gladly i found a nice plugin, that name is "Like button on Blogger Threaded Comment". You can add it it to blogger.

About this widget

Respect the author, if you want to copy/ add  the widget into your post, you must add the source link and my link. or DMCA will be given. For the demo, you can comment in this post

Adding the widget

First open Blogger >> Design >> Edit HTML
1. Find 
2. Above it, add this code
/*This code is translated (to make easy to edited ) by and and the source is
.likeplugin{{margin-top:15px;width:10px;height:10px;background:url( no-repeat}
3. Find
(function() { 
Usually you find more than 1, code that you must change located on comment.js ( because every blog have difrent  template, the name is difrent , like : threaded_comment.js or threaded_comment_js )
4. Change it to
var items_copy=[];
(function() {
5.  Find
6. Below it, add this script
<script type='text/javascript'>
var likeurl='<data:blog.url/>';
for(i=0;i<items_copy.length;i++){a=document.getElementById('c'+items_copy[i].id);gl="'"+items_copy[i].id+"'";b=a.innerHTML+'<div class="likeplugin" onmousemove="likecom('+gl+')"><div id="likeplugin'+items_copy[i].id+'"></div></div>';a.innerHTML=b}function likecom(i){var a=document.getElementById('likeplugin'+i);if(a){a.innerHTML='<iframe style="margin:-6px 0 0 -13px" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" scrolling="no" height="20" src="[Like]&textColor=%23666666#'+likeurl+i+'" width="100"><\/iframe>'}}
7. And finally preview your widget and look.

If the "plugin" don't work, you can contact me through comment

19 Comment:

  1. Keren juga ini ada likenya bisa dicoba ini mas. :)

  2. Mantap nih trik nya! btw bikin kotak komentar kaya di blog ini gimana yah?

    1. Ini saya buat sendiri kodenya, dengan mengedit kode yang saya dapat dari blog lain. Jika mau, ke depan saya share di idbloggertrick

      I make this code , from code that i found in other blog. i edited the code and boom ,this is the result. if you want comment like this. i will share it soon.

  3. Replies
    1. please mention your blog url

  4. i followes all steps :(

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  6. Replies
    1. but, you can see that the demo ( this blog ) is working, maybe there are 2 jquerry in your blog or you wrongly insert the code. If you have 2 jquerry in your blog, use jquerry no conflict

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